Reminiscent Asia Macro Master Fund

Reminiscent Asia Macro Master Fund


A high conviction Discretionary Asia Macro Strategy with a Rates, FX and Equities focus. We believe Asia macro offers scope for higher available returns due to its mix of DM and EM characteristics which are less efficient than the G3 markets but offer more liquidity than some frontier and illiquid EM markets.


We aim to deliver strong absolute risk-adjusted returns through a portfolio of largely directional high conviction investment ideas that are uncorrelated with equity market beta and a vol target of 10-12%.

Competitive advantage

The Reminiscent Capital process aims to implement skewed expressions of our best ideas across asset classes via optimal derivative implementation. Reminiscent professionals have a blend of experience in both developed and emerging Asia markets on both the buy and sell side. Reminiscent benefits from the support and backing of Pinnacle Investment Management, Australia’s leading multi-affiliate investment management firm.