About us

About us

Founded in 2019, Reminiscent Capital is dedicated to becoming one of the leading macro-oriented hedge funds focused on Asian markets through the consistent generation of superior risk-adjusted absolute returns across diverse market conditions. Reminiscent’s team of investment professionals have a combined 45 years of experience in both developed and emerging Asian markets on both the buy and sell side. Reminiscent benefits from the support and backing of its minority equity partner Pinnacle Investment Management, Australia’s leading multi-affiliate investment management firm.

The Reminiscent Capital process aims to implement skewed expressions of our best ideas through a concentrated, directional and dynamic investment portfolio of fixed income, foreign exchange and equities. We employ an eclectic top-down approach for uncovering the important macro themes impacting Asia markets.

Our 3-step process

Our portfolio management process is underpinned by a repeatable and scalable 3-step investment approach.

Change in narrative

Are there assets with an Asian influence that are starting to exhibit evidence of a change in narrative?

Asset mispricing

Is there mispricing across our asset classes – rates, FX, equities? What is the probability of this narrative shift occurring?


Can we implement the opportunity in a skewed and effective risk reward manner?